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Tree Service In Albany, OR

When homeowners in Albany have a tree-related emergency, need expert advice, or simply want the best tree care in the region, they call Altar Tree Service at (971) 273-5663. This locally owned and operated full-service tree company provides all the essential services your trees need. In addition, thanks to a staff ISA-certified arborist, they offer more specialized services such as disease diagnosis and treatment and horticulturally based trimming and pruning to increase the overall health of your trees. Call (971) 273-5663 for a free price estimate or learn more about their expert services, which include:

Your Tree Removal Experts

With years of combined experience and the latest equipment and safety gear, there is never a safety concern when the Altar Tree Service team is on the job. With a strong background in tree structure and growth habit, this group of professionals has easily removed some of the largest trees in the Albany area. So even if you are worried about a tree near your home or another structure, the Altar Tree Service team will provide a reasonable price estimate and get the job done quickly and safely.

Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning

Guided by an ISA-certified arborist, the pros at Altar Tree Service follow all industry best practice standards for proper trimming and pruning of all tree varieties. The goal of proper pruning is two-fold. The first concern is for the health and long-term well-being of the tree. The secondary focus is on the shape and appearance of the tree. Fortunately, the process is typically less complex than it sounds because trimming for increased tree health tends to create the most pleasing appearance.

Reliable Commercial Tree Services

Expert commercial tree service delivers many benefits for property owners and managers, including fewer safety concerns, increased longevity of the trees, fewer emergency tree service expenses, and increased property value. The secret to reaping these rewards is working with the certified arborist and tree care professionals at Altar Tree Service. Contact our team at (971) 273-5663 to learn more about creating a tree care plan for your property.

Storm Preparation Tree Trimming And Storm Damage Clean Up

Preventative maintenance and tree trimming is the only way to reduce potential damage to your valuable trees when a storm blows through Albany. The tree experts at Altar Tree Service provide a free price estimate for thinning and shaping all mature trees to better endure harsh weather and prevent damage to your home from falling trees and tree debris. We also offer complete storm damage clean up if your trees were not properly prepared for bad weather.

Quality Stump Grinding Service

While you might be able to overlook a tree stump on your property, most rodents and insects will not. Instead, they will quickly make a home in the rotting wood and begin to invade your home and other structures on the property. The simple way to avoid these unwanted pests is fast and affordable stump grinding service from the experts at Altar Tree Service. The commercial stump grinder will quickly turn any tree stump into a pile of wood chips that our staff will haul away, leaving you a safe and useable space.