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Salem Tree Removal

The residents of Salem are fortunate to live in a city that has earned the Tree City USA designation since 2001. However, with this initiative comes added responsibility to care for the abundant trees in the community. At Altar Tree Service, we are proud to partner with the community and its residents to provide superior tree care, including expert Salem tree removal. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured tree removal service in Salem, with an ISA-certified arborist on staff, we provide safe and cost-effective tree removal solutions. And our crews follow the highest safety standards to ensure there is no damage to your property or safety hazards to your home during the tree removal. Call (971) 273-5663 for a free estimate for exceptional tree removal service in Salem.

Tree-Related Health And Safety Considerations

When a young tree does not get the professional care, pruning, and fertilization it needs, there are typically health and structure issues that continue to plague the tree throughout its life. Unfortunately, these issues can lead to disease, poor structure, and lack of stability. In addition, neglected trees are far more susceptible to storm and wind damage. So when you discover a tree on your property posing a safety hazard due to poor structure or disease, it is vital that you call (971) 273-5663 for a tree assessment from the Altar Tree Service staff arborist.

Some of the common visual clues that a tree has become a hazard include:

The expert arborists at Altar Tree Service will provide a complete evaluation of the tree and determine if Salem tree removal is the safest resolution.

The Added Value Of A Staff Arborist

At Altar Tree Service, we are proud to have an ISA-certified arborist on our team of tree care experts. Obtaining this respected certification requires years of education and hands-on experience. Studying tree structure, disease diagnosis, and industry-standard best practice trimming and pruning techniques are just a few of the areas of study that provide certified arborists with their ability to diagnose and tree trees with various maladies and issues.

While many tree removal services in Salem arrive ready to remove any tree, the experts at Altar Tree Service provide detailed information and options for property owners who are unsure about a tree removal in Salem. And should you opt for tree removal, our expertise, and experience ensure that the job will be completed professionally and safely. So when you want the highest quality tree removal service and professionalism, call (971) 273-5663. The tree care pros at Altar Tree Service will guide you to the right choice on any tree removal in Salem.