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The licensed and ISA-certified team at Altar Tree Service provides residents of Salem and surrounding communities a wide range of high quality tree services. Our professional team is ready to handle everything from simple backyard tree trimming to complete commercial property tree care and everything in between! Not only is the work top-notch, but the Altar team truly cares about providing their services quickly, safely and affordably to each and every customer they serve. Call today to get the exceptional service that you and your home or business deserve!
When a massive tree reaches the end of its life expectancy or has been severely damaged in a storm, it quickly becomes a safety hazard for anyone in the area and the homes and other structures near it. The professionals at Altar Tree Service have years of experience removing huge trees without damage or safety concerns. Our pros have the highest safety standards and use a great deal of safety gear and equipment to ensure that even the largest trees are removed with no damage to the surrounding landscape and without placing anyone at risk for an injury. And we are here 24/7 to assist with any emergency tree removal or Salem tree service to eliminate a safety hazard at your home.
Many homeowners only consider tree trimming and pruning when they feel the tree’s appearance needs some help. However, professional tree trimming and pruning are required regularly to ensure the overall health and longevity of all trees. At Altar Tree Service, our trimming and pruning practices have been established and are guided by our staff ISA-certified arborist who has years of education and training in tree structure, care, and cultivation. This expertise allows Altar Tree Service to provide the most beneficial and valuable trimming and pruning services to enhance the beauty and health of your trees.
The health and appearance of trees on a commercial property are vital to making a strong first impression and eliminating safety hazards. At Altar Tree Service, our tree experts work with the property management to create a tree care program that provides the most benefit to each tree and the overall appearance of the property. In addition, we are always available for emergency tree service to remove any tree-related hazard that could compromise the safety of your guests or the property. Contact Altar Tree Service at (971) 273-5663 for a free estimate for any tree services or discuss a tree assessment and plan for annual tree care with our certified arborist.
Unfortunately, many residents do not learn about the value of storm preparation tree trimming until it is too late. They call (971) 273-5663 to request an emergency tree removal for a fallen tree or clean up after substantial storm damage to their trees. While our crews provide these much-needed services, we explain to homeowners that most storm damage can be prevented when they hire the Altar Tree Service experts to proactively trim and prune their trees prior to storm season. Thinning, shaping, and balancing the canopy of a tree are the best practices used to reduce the potential of damage to trees and increase their stability during a harsh storm or high wind. And we are happy to provide free price quotes for this extremely important tree service to help prevent the loss of valuable trees on your property.
The pros at Altar Tree Service offer stump grinding service with each tree removal to avoid future safety issues or infestations that can cause costly damage to your home. A rotting tree stump is an ideal home for rodents and other pests that can damage your home, landscape features, and even other trees on the property. Once they have established residency, it can be costly and challenging to rid your property of these unwanted creatures. A professional stump grinding is a simple way to avoid this issue and the safety concerns of an unsightly tree stump on your property. Our team used a large machine to make short work of turning any tree stump into finely shredded wood chips. Then we remove the chips, and you are left with a clean and safe property.