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Storm Preparation & Cleanup
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Storm Prep & Clean Up In Salem OR

When a storm blows through Salem, the crew at Altar Tree Service believes that no resident should be in fear for the safety of their home because of a hazardous tree. Our team of tree experts provides tree assessments and tree service storm damage prevention in Salem to help eliminate all tree-related hazards. From thinning and pruning to removing damaged growth or an entire tree, our crews will provide you with cost-effective solutions to prevent storm damage from falling branches or trees during storm season. Call (971) 273-5663 for a free price estimate for storm damage prevention services from the experts at Altar Tree Service.

How To Prevent Tree Storm Damage In Salem

High wind is a tree’s worst enemy. The force of the wind can snap branches and uproot trees that have not been proactively trimmed and thinned by the experts at Altar Tree Service. Once the canopy is thinned, wind can pass through without damaging the branches of your mature trees or pushing them to the ground. Our crews also work to balance the weight and shape of the tree to increase its stability and ability to withstand even strong wind gusts. The money you invest in proactive preparation and tree trimming is only a fraction of an emergency tree removal cost. And it eliminates the potential of more costly and upsetting damage to your home or property.

When You Need Help Quickly

When the worst occurs, and a tree or a large part of a tree falls on your home or property, the skilled crews at Altar Tree Service are just a call away. We provide emergency tree removal and clean up to ensure the safety of your loved ones and home. From removing a tree limb from your roof to the careful removal of a damaged tree leaning over your home, garage, or neighboring property, we get the job done carefully and at a fair and reasonable price. Call (971) 273-5663, 24/7, for any emergency tree services, including tree removal, trimming, or corrective pruning.

Do You Need Professional Storm Damage Clean Up In Salem?

All too often, homeowners decide to handle storm damage clean-up on their own, only to discover that the job is very labor-intensive and potentially dangerous. For example, one wrong cut on a downed tree can cause the entire tree to shift dangerously and result in life-threatening injuries.

The experts at Altar Tree Service always provide a free price estimate for storm damage cleanup that includes removing the debris from your property. So before you take on a project that could lead to a severe injury or even an aching back, call (971) 273-5663. Customers are often surprised to see how affordable our services are and how quickly we get the job done and restore the serenity of their yards.

Altar Tree Service has the tools, experience, and expertise you need for any Salem tree service storm preparation or storm damage clean up in the area. And for added peace of mind, please know that we are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection and that of our team.