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Tree Service In Independence, OR

Altar Tree Service is proud to be the premier tree service in Independence. As a locally owned and operated Independence tree service company, our focus is on delivering the highest quality services to our friends and neighbors throughout the community. We know that the trees on your property add beauty and value. However, providing the optimal care for them can be challenging and time-consuming. So our experts are here to handle the nurturing of your property’s trees under the watchful eye and instruction of our staff ISA-certified arborist. Please call us at (971) 273-5663 for a free estimate for any expert tree services, including :

Cost-Effective Tree Removal

Removing a large tree can be hazardous and expensive. However, when you call the experts at Altar Tree Service, you know that our pros will get the job done safely and at a very reasonable price. With years of expertise, the professional equipment needed to do the job safely and in a timely manner, and a crew dedicated to providing only the highest level of service, you know you can trust Altar Tree Service for any tree removal.

Tree Trimming And Pruning By The Pros

The tree trimming and pruning services provided by Altar Tree Service have been honed under the expert instruction of an ISA-certified arborist. So you know that our service will meet the complete needs of your tree, from adding stability and balance to the canopy to allowing light to enter the canopy and wind to pass through, leaving it undamaged. These vital services reduce the potential for damage to your trees and property from storm damage and add years to the life expectancy of your valuable mature trees.

Affordable Commercial Tree Service

As business owners, the pros at Altar Tree Service understand that your commercial property must run on a budget. So our goal is to help each commercial property manager and owner get the most value and benefit from their investment in professional tree services. In addition, we offer very affordable rates for emergency tree services to eliminate potential safety hazards from your property or remove downed trees or tree debris that are blocking access to the property.

Fast Storm Preparation And Clean Up

Sadly, many customers who call Altar Tree Service for storm damage clean up wish they had called sooner for storm preparation tree trimming. Our process of shaping and thinning trees before a storm is the only way to mitigate the potential for damage from harsh storms and high winds. And the cost of this preventative measure is much more affordable than the cost of storm damage clean up and the replacement of a valued mature tree.

Professional Stump Grinding

The team at Altar Tree Service uses a commercial-grade stump grinder to quickly eliminate all of the tree stump visible above the soil level. Once the grinding is completed, we remove the wood chips and clean up the surrounding area. Soon, you have a safe and useful space that will no longer attract rodents and pests to nest in the rotting remains of an unsightly and unsafe tree stump.