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5 Steps for Team Safety in Trimming and Pruning Work

Safe tree trimming isn’t something that happens by accident; it requires foresight, planning and careful execution. This is particularly important when working alongside a team because things can get complicated and dangerous quickly. Professional tree cutting teams need to invest the time to train, practice and check their work before putting it into action.

1. Train and Practice Beforehand

Professional tree trimmers spend a lot of time training and practicing before they even set foot on a client’s property. Every member of the team needs to know how to check and operate tools so that they know how to recognize warning signs of developing problems. They also need to know how to use their own protective wear and safety gear because there’s no guarantee that one of their partners will be able to reach them if they need to make adjustments during work.

2. Plan the Process Ahead

No two trees or yards are exactly alike, which means that no two trimming projects are the same either. Tree cutting experts understand this, which is why they take the time to inspect the site from all angles and develop a step-by-step plan to address it. It’s important to plan the order of cuts from start to finish if you want to ensure overall efficiency and safety.

3. Check and Maintain Equipment

Tool and equipment failure is one of the most dangerous hazards tree cutting teams face on the job. Whether it’s a handheld tool, safety harness system or anything else, you simply can’t afford for it to fail without warning. That’s why it’s essential to maintain and store equipment properly as well as do a full checkup before starting a new project.

4. Watch Fall Zones

One of the first rules of cutting or trimming is to never assume anything. This is particularly important when it comes to fall zones. It only takes a few moments for a person or animal to take a few steps too far. That’s why you should always check the fall zones for every branch before making the final cuts.

5. Look Out for Each Other

Even experienced professionals can make mistakes, have lapses in attention or misjudge circumstances. Team members should always keep their eyes on each other, especially during particularly delicate or dangerous operations. Active and hands-free voice communication is also crucial for allowing team members to warn, advise and ask for help quickly.

Get an Expert Team for Tree Services

There are plenty of great reasons to rely on a professional team for tree services instead of doing it yourself, and these include better results and far less risk of personal injury or property damage. Home and business owners in Salem, OR can rely on Altar Tree Service for exceptional trimming and pruning work, so contact us today to learn more about our team and solutions.