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Prepare Trees for Removal Before Summer Storm Season

Tree removal is a big step, but it may be the safest way to protect your remaining trees. Before summer storm season arrives, take out trees that are showing signs of age or disease to protect your home and outbuildings. Even if your family is safe indoors during a summer storm, one diseased tree can still cause harm.

Get the Canopy Checked Out

Your tree canopy can tell you a lot about the condition of your trees. If you notice that a tree has branches that are missing a lot of leaves during the summer months, a detailed pruning may protect healthy growth.

However, bare branches during summer months can also be a sign of disease or age. An older tree will be brittle all the way down the trunk of the tree. In the event of a severe storm, that tree may suffer even greater damage or snap off further down the trunk. For this reason, have any old or diseased trees assessed during the spring.

A diseased tree may actually have lost a lot of interior strength without your noticing. These trees can be especially hazardous in the event of a severe summer storm as they can come down with little warning.

Check for Pests

To make sure that your arborist is as protected as possible during your summer tree removal project, make sure you get your tree checked for pests in the spring. If the tree has been made hollow by disease, it may be full of stinging pests. Wasps and hornets are particularly territorial. They will be most active during the summer months.

Hollow trees can also be a home to mammalian pests who are quite active during the summer months. Even if you don’t see them, raccoons may have a home in a tree that is hollowed out. Your arborist can guide you on which pest removal service or beekeeper to contact in the spring months to prepare your tree for safe removal in the summer.

Ground Stability and Safety Considerations

Once spring rains have cleared up and the ground has dried, summer tree removal will be much safer. The heavy equipment needed to remove trees can bog down in wet soil. Book an appointment with your arborist so they can determine the safest way to get close to the tree that needs to come out before summer storms arrive.

Be aware that your tree expert may need to access your property from an alley. Your tree removal preparation may include the temporary removal of fencing material.

If your Salem, OR property is in need of tree removal before the summer storm season hits, book an appointment with Altar Tree Service.