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Dangers of Having Dead Trees in Your Yard

Signs Your Trees Need Watering

Trees, like humans, can’t exist without sufficient water. A tree that is underwater will suffer from scorched, undersized, and yellowing leaves. Below are signs you are not giving your trees enough water.

Curled and Wilted Leaves

Your trees experience drought stress when the water demand is higher than the supply. The leaves begin to curl to protect the little moisture available from evaporation. They wilt and wither, affecting the tree’s ability to make its food. If the plant does not photosynthesize, it will die since there is little or no food to provide nutrients for growth.

Early Leaf Drop

Premature leaf drop is another sign that your trees need water. Usually, plants lose their leaves at the end of fall to survive the upcoming cold season. If your trees’ leaves fall before this season, it’s probably dehydrated. A tree loses the leaves it cannot support with the available moisture. Consequently, your plant’s growth slows down, and it’s more susceptible to pests and diseases. In extreme circumstances, the plant dies.

Off-colored and Undersized Leaves

Color change in leaves happens due to several reasons, including diseases. But, often, it’s due to underwatering. If a tree is dehydrated, the leaves will start to lose their color. Improper watering also affects the growth of plant leaves. Lack of adequate water means the tree doesn’t get the nutrients required for the leaves to grow to their full size.

Roots and Fruits Shrink

Lack of adequate water can do significant damage to the fruits. They shrink and fall prematurely. Tree dehydration also affects the growth of the roots. Your trees extract nutrients from the immediate soil, and watering makes the process easier. If you don’t water the plants as required, the ground around them gets dry, and the roots can no longer get the vital nutrients.

Radical Cracks in Tree Trunks

As mentioned, lack of adequate water in trees causes shrinking. This may lead to cracks and splitting on the trunks. The cracks reveal the wood underneath, exposing it to damage. In addition, they provide openings where disease-causing microorganisms may enter. Furthermore, the trunk may harbor insects that use them as home.

Keeping your trees properly watered will allow them to flourish for years to come and help to prevent disease and insect infestations. Noticing the signs of underwatering listed above can help you understand the watering needs of your trees and prevent premature death. Contact Altar Tree Service today for tree service in Salem, OR.