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4 Ways Prompt Tree Removal Saves You Money

Trees are a valuable asset to enhance your yard, bringing beauty and shade to your home. Some trees even increase property value. However, when a tree is sick or dying, failing to remove it in a timely fashion can cause other problems that wind up creating additional risk and costing more money to resolve. The following are some ways that prompt removal of damaged or dead trees can save you money while protecting your property’s beauty and safety.

1. Preserve Your Property

Removing damaged, sick, or dead trees promptly can save you money by preventing limbs or the entire tree from falling on your house, car, or other structures. Over time, some trees can grow roots that stay close to the surface and can cause problems with your plumbing, walkways, and driveway, requiring costly repairs if not addressed promptly. Some tree roots can even damage your home’s foundation, leading to major structural problems if you don’t have the tree promptly removed.

2. Better Landscape Maintenance

Some trees outgrow the yard area in which they were planted. Removing them promptly can prevent you from doing costly work to renovate your landscape. If you have a diseased tree, the disease can spread to nearby healthy trees.

The sooner you have the tree removed, the less likely you’ll have to remove additional trees later. Some diseased trees can grow fungi and mold that affect other vegetation besides trees. Prompt removal can save you from having different areas of your yard destroyed.

3. Pest Control

Some diseased or dead trees become infested by insects, such as termites. If you have dead trees close to your house, termites might tunnel into its wood structure once they’ve exhausted the dead tree as a food source.

They can also establish a colony in the tree. If any branches or roots of the tree touch your house, termites can find their way in and cause costly damage. Promptly removing infested trees avoids the chance of these and other critters invading your home. Plus, it saves on any potential pest control treatments.

Other pests that like to occupy dead trees include rodents, squirrels, and raccoons. Birds, wood-boring beetles, and ants also love dead and decaying trees.

4. Safety and Liability

Older, damaged, or sick trees are at risk of having limbs break off and damaging neighboring homes. Falling branches can also cause harm to people and pets. Removing these trees promptly can prevent damage, injury, and potential liability. Your property could be deemed high risk due to unsafe or unhealthy trees. Having them removed can keep your insurance rates from rising.

Keep Your Yard Safe and Existing Trees Healthy

Promptly removing unhealthy trees can pay financial dividends by avoiding problems before they start. It also protects you from liability and keeps your loved ones safe. If you have trees needing removal, a professional arborist or tree removal service can assess the situation and help you plan. Don’t risk your family’s safety and the integrity of your property. Call the tree professionals at Altar Tree Service today for prompt tree removal services in Salem, OR.