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Should You Prune Your Christmas Tree?

Decorating a Christmas tree is a cherished holiday tradition in many families. A tree can look beautiful with lights and ornaments hanging on its branches, and the presence of special gifts around its base can make it even more special. Pruning trees might not always be necessary, but it can help trees look their best.

Tips for Freshly Cut Indoor Christmas Trees

If you have an indoor Christmas tree that looks like it could use some reshaping, go ahead and get out the shears or scissors. Be sure to use sharp tools so that you can make clean cuts and work more efficiently. Using sharp tools can also enhance your safety since they’ll have an easier time cutting through the tree branches. You won’t need to place as much pressure on your tools, and as a result, you’ll have better control.

Feel free to remove dead or decaying branches so that they don’t detract from the appearance of the tree. If a certain branch is sticking out, removing it could give the tree a more uniform appearance.

Sometimes, people can get excited about picking out large trees. If you’ve brought a tree home that’s a bit too large for your place, you can trim the top. Trimming just the top can make it look a bit awkward, so you might have to trim the top branches as well so that the tree has a more conical shape.

Tips for Potted Christmas Trees

A potted Christmas tree usually represents a more significant investment than a freshly cut tree. Often, people display their potted evergreens after the holiday season has ended. These trees could eventually get planted outside where they can thrive. Regular trimming can ensure that one of these trees grows in an orderly way. It’s recommended that you prune most evergreens before their new growth starts in the spring. That being said, you can remove dead branches at any point so that a tree can focus its attention on its healthy areas.

Tips for Outdoor Evergreens/Christmas Trees

If you enjoy decorating evergreens in your yard, there are steps you can take to help them develop. Consider having them pruned in the off-season. The early spring can be a good time to prune since it’s before the growing season, and the early summer might work for some species, too. Pruning outside of the branch collar is ideal so that the trunk can stay intact. When pruning larger branches, a good practice is to use a three-cut method to prevent the bark from tearing. Professional assistance is readily available if you’d like someone knowledgeable to take care of this task.

Keep Your Trees Looking Great

Evergreens require relatively little maintenance, but trimming and pruning can help them look more attractive. If you need any help in the Salem, OR area with trimming or pruning your evergreens, contact Altar Tree Service.