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Tree Blog

Removing a Tree Can Put Your Home and Safety at Risk

Even healthy trees can become problems if they’re too close to your home or power lines. Fruit trees can create a terrible mess if you’re not planning on harvesting the dropped fruit. This fruit can also invite in dangerous pests. No matter your reason for getting rid of a problem tree, professional help will be necessary when it comes to the removal.

Trees Are Heavy

If you’ve ever tried to trim a large branch off a tree, you know that these branches can be incredibly heavy. Depending on the quality of the cut and current wind conditions, you also know that branches don’t always fall where you want them to go.

Professional tree removal specialists have the tools and the skills to safely bring down a tree that is too close to your property or to utilities.

Old Trees Can Be Fragile

For those who live in older neighborhoods, the sight of a dying tree should be fairly obvious. If it’s not leafing out at the top each spring or if there are several bare branches at the center of the tree, the tree may be dying and will need to be removed. These dying branches put the tree at great risk. They may split in a heavy wind and allow pests or fungi into the heart of the tree.

The risks in removing a partially dead tree can be quite worrisome. The interior of the tree may be rotted. In these cases, those dead or dying branches can easily break in the cutting process. They won’t fall as intended and may damage your home. A partially hollow tree may also be full of stinging pests, such as wasps or hornets.

Tree Roots May Not Be Stable

If you have an old tree on your property that is showing signs of dying off, the problem may not just be in the branches. An old tree that is failing can also have rotting roots. Even if it’s not yet leaning, the tree is not stable.

In such cases, tree removal specialists have a particularly dangerous situation. Removing branches can pull a poorly anchored tree out of balance and may cause the whole tree to tip over. It takes a skilled eye to determine the best way to remove such a tree.

Power Lines May Be an Issue

Many older neighborhoods have tree varieties that are much taller than the local power poles. Taking out such a tree, especially if it is damaged or dying, may require a call to the power company. Your tree removal professional will know who to contact and what steps need to be taken.

The key with such a hazardous project is to be proactive. Getting the power company out to turn off power to a particular pole may take time, but all involved in the project will be much safer. A downed electrical line that is still live can be deadly.

If you have a tree that has to come out, you need a professional so everything’s done safely. Reach out to the experts at Altar Tree Service to help you find the safest and least problematic path to tree removal in Salem, OR.