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Simple and Easy Spring Maintenance Planning Tips

Snow and sleet are common in Oregon during the long winter months. Once spring arrives, you’ll see the sun peeking through the gray sky and notice the temperature rising. That’s when you’ll have the chance to see how winter weather has affected your trees. It’s never too early to start planning for spring and think about the maintenance your trees will need.

Check the Trees

Checking the trees is the first thing to do when spring arrives. Look for dead spots on the branches and trunks, which arborists call cankers. Check for any signs of sap clinging to the trees, as trees often produce sap when they suffer an injury. You’ll also want to see if the trees show any symptoms of serious diseases. If you aren’t sure what to look for or what the signs mean, call in the pros.


Many trees produce flowers that add a nice pop of color to your outdoor space. Those trees are susceptible to diseases that cause them to lose their flowers. Some diseases can even kill the trees. Pruning is one of the best ways to prevent those diseases. It also allows you to remove any damage that occurred during the winter months and give the tree a new lease on life.

Consider Water and Mulch

Water and mulch add some valuable protection to your trees. Spring is the perfect time to make sure your trees have enough water. Look for blocked sprinkler heads and or other problems with the system. You may even decide to install a new sprinkler system. Add the right type of mulch and enough of it to ensure the trees soak up all the moisture you provide.

Get Rid of Weeds

While spring is the season when your trees flourish, it’s also when weeds run rampant. Those weeds take away some of the valuable nutrients your trees need. Always take time to look for weeds along with other new plants that grow wild. As much as you might like the way they look, they compete with your trees for resources.

Choose New Trees

The best time of the year to plant new trees is the spring. Spring offers the right combo of warm weather and sunshine, which helps the trees grow. Some of the best trees for the climate here include those that grow in local forests, such as willow and white fir trees. Make sure you plant any new trees a healthy distance from your existing trees to help them all thrive.

Today is the perfect time to begin thinking about all the maintenance your trees will require this spring. You’ll need to get rid of weeds, plant new trees, add water and mulch, perform a thorough inspection, and prune them.

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