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Planting Trees Can Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool our homes. Since the Salem area can experience hot temperatures in the summer and cool temperatures in the winter, it takes a significant amount of resources to stay comfortable. Planting trees in strategic locations around your home can help it stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, so this might be something to consider if you’d like to save energy and help your budget.

Keep the Sun Away in the Summer

While we have more than our fair share of rainy weather, the summer can bring some uncomfortably hot days to our area. If your home is out of the direct sun, it has a better chance of staying cooler. Trees on the southeast corner of your home can do a nice job of offering shade in the morning. Plus, it’s the hot afternoons that usually pose the biggest concern. That’s we recommend that you plant trees to the west of your home to provide more shade later in the day.

Before you select a location to plant a tree, be sure to read about how big it can get. Knowing its height and width at full maturity will help you pick a spot that won’t be too close to your home, your neighbor’s property, or any power lines, for instance.

To keep your trees strong, it’s recommended that you have them pruned periodically. Pruning encourages healthy development and ensures that there will be enough air circulation and sunshine reaching all of the branches. When our team at Altar Tree Service prunes trees, we also inspect to see if there are any weak or diseased branches. By removing them, we’re preventing the possibility that they’d fall on someone or something, and we’re giving the tree a better chance to thrive.

Keep the Wind Away in the Winter

Salem typically sees windier weather in the winter, with the windiest month usually being December. Wind makes cold air feel even colder, and it can cause our homes to lose heat more quickly. A sturdy row of trees can do an excellent job of blocking some of the wind from hitting your house.

Evergreens would be the best choice, especially if they’re planted in a long row. In terms of location, you might want to consider the south side of your home. That’s because most of our winter wind typically comes from the south. Cold wind could also come from the east, so that’s another option if the layout of your property lends itself better to have a row of trees east of your home.

Trees Are Very Useful

Trees help enhance our neighborhoods in Salem, and they can also serve to keep our homes more energy efficient. If you need any assistance with your trees, please call Altar Tree Service.