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Snow covered trees at Fort Williams Park in portland Maine on a sunny blue sky day.

5 Benefits of Pruning Trees During the Winter Months

Contrary to popular belief, trees should not only be cared for when the weather is warm. Tree maintenance can occur during the winter. Tree care specialists care for trees all year round, and they are available to provide their services to both commercial and residential clients. Some trees benefit from being pruned during the winter to aid in root production, and this is especially beneficial for fruit trees. The following covers five benefits of pruning trees during the winter.

1. It’s Easier to Evaluate Tree Structure During the Winter

During the warmer months, it is a bit more difficult to evaluate the structure of trees because the leaves can sometimes obscure their appearance. Once the leaves fall, tree care specialists can see the structure of your trees more easily, which will help them better see what must be pruned to ensure the trees remain at their best.

2. Diseases Cannot Spread When Pruning During Winter

During the spring and summer months, diseases can sometimes spread when trees are being pruned. When the weather is colder, these diseases are dormant or dead, so the trees are not at risk of contracting any illness. Many tree care specialists opt to prune vulnerable trees during the winter because this is when it is safest.

3. Trees Are Under Less Stress

Winter pruning is less stressful on trees. Since trees are dormant during the winter, new growth will not occur. Trees can heal better from pruning cuts in cold temperatures. Tree care experts advise that pruning must be done before buds appear in the spring for the best chance of rejuvenation.

4. Pruning Trees in Winter Is More Efficient

When temperatures get colder, the ground hardens, and this is especially true when it snows. When the ground hardens, tree care specialists can use heavy equipment without the worry of damaging landscaping. Pruning during winter is more efficient particularly when it comes to larger projects since this is when heavy equipment is more likely to be needed.

5. Trees Pruned During Winter Look Better in the Spring

When trees are pruned just before the weather warms, they tend to rejuvenate quickly. If you have overgrown trees, cutting them just before spring is the perfect time because they will grow back quickly and appear healthier.

If you want to spruce up your trees, winter is the best time to do this. If you reside in the greater Salem, OR area, contact Altar Tree Service to schedule trimming and pruning and other tree services at any time.