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4 Types of Trees That Need Trimming in the Fall

Fall in Salem, OR marks the transition from the warm weather of summer to the colder winds and rain of the coming winter. If you have many different types of trees on your Salem, OR property, you should know there are certain trees that are best trimmed during this time of the year. Pruning these trees at this time helps them withstand any upcoming problematic weather conditions and be ready to thrive in the spring.

1. Newly Planted Trees

Newly planted trees need a great deal of special care. They need enough time to establish an effective root system on your property that helps them get off to a good start and continue to flourish. That’s why you’ll want to trim these trees at this time of the year. Examine your new trees carefully. You might see signs indicating they have issues, such as broken or dead branches. It can be hard to know exactly how to trim your new trees. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll do the trimming and pruning for you.

2. Older Trees

Fall is also an excellent time to have your longstanding trees trimmed. Older trees need help growing during this time. Trees that are older than five years need trimming on a routine basis. Many older trees have larger branches that can fall, damaging your house or hurting a family member. Our trained arborists can decide which of your trees have such issues and what to do about them.

3. Early Blooming Trees

Some kinds of trees in Salem, OR bloom earlier than others. These are trees that tend to bud earlier in the spring and summer. Examples of such trees include flowering plums and magnolias. Trees like these need lots of careful help to look their best when flowering. That’s why you’ll want to trim them during the fall. Trimming helps ensure the tree can flower well once the season changes next year.

4. Evergreen Trees

Many types of evergreen trees will do well on your Salem, OR property. This includes spruces, pines, and firs. These trees provide greenery all year long. In general, these types of trees are noteworthy because they don’t require a lot of care. However, even evergreens may need some human help to them stay healthy. Fall is a good time to remove all of those branches from your evergreen that are clearly not growing correctly or are not shaped well.

Trimming your trees requires a great deal of attention to detail. Call us today, and we’ll be there to help ensure your trees are properly trimmed this fall.