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Make Evergreens Thrive With the Right Planting Time

When many people think about Oregon, they think about the gorgeous, wooded areas filled with evergreen trees. Salem, OR has the perfect climate for many different varieties of these trees. You’ll love seeing them grow larger with each passing year as much as you love the privacy and shade they provide. Before you visit a nursery to buy an evergreen, make sure you know when to plant them.

Types of Evergreen Trees

Cypress trees are part of the evergreen family. Some grow as tall as 25 feet, which can block the sun and keep your home cooler. Spruce trees usually grow between six and eight feet tall, but there are some types that can reach 20 feet in height. You might know spruce trees because they are often used around the holidays. Holly and juniper trees are other examples of evergreens. Make sure that you pick the right type that grows in the zone around Salem.

Best Time for Planting

You have the choice of buying and planting a smaller tree that will grow in the coming years or buying one that is already quite large. Bigger trees often cost more and take longer to plant, however. The best time to plant evergreens in the Salem, OR area is in the early autumn. You should have luck if you wait until the middle or end of the season. If you wait until winter, you may find that the trees cannot survive the harsh winter weather. They may die before spring arrives.

Container Planting

If you are worried that you won’t have time to plant your evergreens before winter comes, consider container planting. Instead of putting the tree in the ground, you plant it in some type of container that protects the root system. This allows you to care for the tree inside your home until you can move it outside. Container planting only works when you pick smaller trees though.

Why Choose Fall?

Planting your evergreens in the fall is helpful because it gives them time to establish their root systems. When you plant in the spring or summer, the trees produce new growth and need to use some of their resources in those areas. During the cooler months, the trees do not produce growth and can focus on their roots. Fall also increases the temperature of the soil while adding more moisture to the ground, which will help the trees thrive.

Salem, OR has the perfect climate for evergreen trees. These trees are hardy enough to stand up to the harsh winters and gorgeous enough to add color in the warmer months. Contact Altar Tree Service to get help planting new evergreens and for trimming and pruning services for your existing trees.