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Want Healthy Evergreen Trees? Follow These Helpful Tips

With so many people visiting Salem, as it’s the great capital of Oregon, there’s always a concern about having your property looking great. Since this beautiful city is full of luscious green trees and flora, any unhealthy trees are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, by following our helpful tips below, you can keep your evergreen trees healthy and beautiful for all of the city’s visitors.

Mulching Is a Must

One of the best things that you can do to keep your evergreen trees healthy is to mulch around them. Mulch can be made of chipped wood or tree bark, depending on your personal preferences. Either way, they help to retain moisture. This way, your trees still have an adequate supply of water in the event that there are drought conditions.

Occasional Pruning

While evergreens are one of the easiest to maintain, they still do require occasional pruning to stay in good condition. It’s important to note that pruning should never be done in the late fall as Salem winters set in quickly and can damage new growth that hasn’t correctly hardened before the cold weather takes over. Pruning should be restricted to removing dead, damaged, or diseased areas.

Fertilize When Necessary

Evergreen plants and trees are unique in the fact that they don’t always need to be fertilized. However, if your tree is experiencing slow growth, abnormal coloring, or irregular needle sizing, then fertilizing is a must. You’ll want to opt for a complete fertilizer that has more nitrogen than potassium or phosphorus. Fertilize between April and mid-summer for best results. If you need to fertilize after mid-summer, make sure you opt for a slow-release fertilizer.

Water Regularly

Just like you need to stay hydrated to feel healthy, so do your trees. Whenever there isn’t a lot of rain, it’s necessary to water your evergreen trees. One deep soaking once a week is typically enough to maintain your trees. However, if weather conditions are in the mid-80s or higher throughout the entire week, up your soakings to at least twice per week.

Get Annual Tree Exams

Unless you’re an arborist, you probably won’t be able to spot issues when they first arise with your trees. This is why it’s so essential that you get an annual tree exam performed by a professional arborist. An arborist can look over your trees and alert you to any potential problems while they’re small and easier to treat.

Evergreen trees are a great investment for any homeowner. Taking proper care of them is the key to ensuring that they last for a long time. By following the tips that we recommended above, your trees should look great all year round. If you need help maintaining your evergreen trees, be sure to contact Altar Tree Service today!