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Stump Grinding Can Be a Great Way to Prevent Unwanted Growth

Despite all odds, old tree stumps can actually continue to grow. If left unchecked, they can sprout in unattractive ways, and some of those sprouts can turn into new trees. Stump grinding is an effective way to deal with stumps so that they don’t continue to thrive and create issues.

How Can Tree Stumps Grow?

Trees store a lot of nutrients and energy in their roots and at the base of their trunk. Plus, after they’ve been cut down, what’s left of trees goes into survival mode and starts trying to bounce back. For these reasons, stumps have the potential to grow, even though they don’t appear to be alive. Once some leaves have formed off of emerging shoots, tree stumps have a better chance of developing at a greater rate. Note that maples, willows, beech, ash, and linden tree stumps may be more likely to sprout after being cut down due to various factors.

Issues With Sprouting Stumps

Many people feel that sprouts detract from the appearance of their yards. Sprouts grow in random ways and can make a yard look uncared for. If you decide to cut down emerging growth, you may find that new areas will keep popping up. Dealing with the same issue over and over again can be tedious.

If you don’t address sprouts, they have the potential to turn into trees. Unfortunately, these new trees won’t have very much stability because they weren’t grown in a typical manner with the opportunity to spread out their roots in all directions. This means that they could more easily get blown over in a storm. In doing so, they could harm someone or something on your property.

Stump Grinding Can Be the Solution

Having your stumps ground down can be a smart strategy. This approach ensures that any remaining stumps will be permanently taken care of. They’ll be unable to send up sprouts of any kind.

You should consider having a company come by your place with a stump grinder. A stump grinder, as its name implies, grinds down stumps into very small wood chips. Professionals often continue their work until they’ve gone about 6 inches under the ground. This way, they can be sure that their mission has been accomplished.

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Having your stumps ground down will prevent new growth from arising, and this approach can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. For help with stump grinding in Salem, OR, feel free to reach out to Altar Tree Service.