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Why You Need a Professional to Remove a Tree

When you have a tree that needs to be removed, professional service is the best route. Whether the tree is an eyesore, a safety hazard or damaged by weather, illness or wildlife, tree removal is always best left to an arborist for several reasons.

Safety Hazards

Tree removal is an extensive task that requires professional knowledge and equipment. Attempting to chainsaw or cut a tree down by yourself could result in property damage or serious personal injury. Many people do not realize how a tree will fall once its cut, which can cause it to fall onto them, their home, their vehicle or the nearby road.

Falling branches during tree removal can also be a serious risk. Chainsaw injuries, electrical shocks and head trauma are all potential hazards that you can eliminate by hiring a professional.

Diseases or Pests

Exposure to the fungus or bacteria on an infected tree could be dangerous, and it may spread through the soil or to surrounding foliage with a self-removal. What’s more, pest infestations could be hazardous if your removal attempts disturb the insects or rodents that have taken up residence in the tree.


Without the right tools and knowledge, cutting down a tree isn’t as easy as you might think it is. It could take hours to make any progress, then you have the cleanup to handle as well. You could easily spend days attempting to remove a tree, including its trunk, branches and stump, from your property.

Even if you manage to cut down the tree itself, you cannot remove a stump on your own, and the residual roots could eventually cause a new tree to grow.

Are Any Trees Safe to Remove on Your Own?

Small, healthy trees that you want to remove may be able to be taken down without a professional if they are short. If you would need a ladder to reach the tree’s limbs, then it is too big for you to cut down safely.

Going onto a ladder with a chain saw or simply attempting to saw down a trunk without first removing the tree’s branches is a major hazard for you and your property. Nearby structures, including powerlines, could also be damaged.

The average full-grown tree weighs thousands of pounds, so attempting to cut one down or pull it out with your truck or a piece of equipment is not advisable. Let an expert handle the job, so you can save money, save time and stay safe.

Professional Tree Removal Services

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