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Spring Into Action: Why This Is the Season to Plant Trees

Due to various factors, spring is widely considered the ideal time for planting trees. Trees planted during this season have the best chance of establishing strong roots, growing tall, and staying healthy over a long period. Here are several reasons why this is the wisest time for tree planting.

1. Soil Temperature

The temperature of the soil is a crucial factor when it comes to planting trees. In spring, the soil begins to warm up, which benefits the plants. This warm soil promotes root growth, which is essential for the tree to establish itself. When planted in warm soil, the tree is less likely to experience transplant shock, which can lead to stunted growth and even death.

2. Sufficient Moisture

During the spring season, there is usually enough moisture in the soil. Trees need adequate moisture to grow, and spring provides the ideal conditions. The snowmelt and rainy season make the soil moist enough for trees to grow and establish roots. Additionally, the cool temperatures of spring ensure that the water does not evaporate too quickly, providing trees with the ideal moisture level they need to thrive.

3. Ideal Growing Conditions

Spring offers the perfect growing conditions for trees. With longer days and mild temperatures, trees have plenty of time to grow and establish themselves. Trees planted in spring have several months to grow and develop their root systems before the summer heat arrives. It gives them the strength to survive the hot, dry summer months.

4. Less Stress on Trees

Spring is when trees are not under as much stress as they would be during other seasons. The tree is leaving dormancy, and the growth cycle has just begun. There are no extreme weather conditions to contend with such as the high temperatures of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter. This means the tree can focus its energy on establishing its root system and growing rather than trying to survive extreme conditions.

5. Better Access to Trees

Spring is also when nurseries and garden centers stock up on trees, providing homeowners with a wide selection of plants to choose from. It makes it easier for buyers to find the right tree for their property and needs. It also means there is a greater chance of finding the tree you want instead of waiting until later in the year when the selection may be limited.

Spring is the ideal time for planting trees since it provides the perfect conditions for them to establish themselves and grow into healthy, mature specimens. If you’re thinking of planting trees on your property, consider doing so in the spring. For expert residential or commercial tree services in Salem, OR and the surrounding areas, call our experts at Altar Tree Service.