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5 Costly Problems That Come From Dead Tree Stumps

Tree removal doesn’t end when you’ve cut the last branches off and brought the trunk to the ground. While property owners aren’t required to remove the stump at the time, there are plenty of benefits to doing so. Removal might require a bit more upfront investment, but it can pay off big time by preventing […]

4 Ways Prompt Tree Removal Saves You Money

Trees are a valuable asset to enhance your yard, bringing beauty and shade to your home. Some trees even increase property value. However, when a tree is sick or dying, failing to remove it in a timely fashion can cause other problems that wind up creating additional risk and costing more money to resolve. The […]

4 Expert Tips for Hiring Professional Tree-Trimming Services and Saving Money

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When trimming your trees, you want to ensure that you are hiring the right professionals for the job. Professional tree trimmers can help you save money on the cost of services while ensuring that your trees look their best. Following these simple tips, you can find the best tree-trimming service for your needs and budget. […]

Winter Is the Cheapest Time of Year to Cut Down Your Trees

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Specifically, January to February is the best time of year to cut down a tree. This is when trees are dormant, and deciduous trees have lost their leaves. Many arborists may also give customers discounts or lower their prices during the winter in order to compete for clients’ business. Why It’s Easier to Cut Down […]

Planting Trees Can Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool our homes. Since the Salem area can experience hot temperatures in the summer and cool temperatures in the winter, it takes a significant amount of resources to stay comfortable. Planting trees in strategic locations around your home can help it stay cooler in the summer […]