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5 Steps for Team Safety in Trimming and Pruning Work

Arborist cutting branches

Safe tree trimming isn’t something that happens by accident; it requires foresight, planning and careful execution. This is particularly important when working alongside a team because things can get complicated and dangerous quickly. Professional tree cutting teams need to invest the time to train, practice and check their work before putting it into action. 1. […]

Look Up and Take a Bough for Safety

Storm damage. Fallen tree in the park after a storm

Trees are a wonderful when they are healthy and in the right place. They can also be real challenges and potential hazards if they aren’t in top shape. Every property owner or caretaker needs to know how to recognize potential hazards in their trees so they can take action to prevent personal injury and damage […]

The Dangers of Improper Tree Topping

Curious little boy helping his father to plant the tree while working together in the garden

Tree topping, also known as pollarding or heading, refers to severely pruning a tree’s upper branches and limbs, often reducing it to stubs. While it may seem like a quick solution for managing tree size or controlling growth, improper tree topping poses numerous risks to the health and stability of trees. It also presents safety […]

3 Practical Ways to Evaluate Tree Safety

Large white oak tree punctures roof on house

Experts advise that you inspect all trees on your property at least once every year. This is because a tree hazard is often a serious issue that can cause injuries or even death. When evaluating tree safety, make sure you check the bark, roots, and branches. Let’s consider each aspect. 1. Check the Roots of […]